Individual Lessons

You'll be matched with the region's best instructors, who will help you to reach your potential and unleash your inner musician. Our unique approach is based on results, and you'll be playing and creating music in no time. Sure, we'll teach you how to play or sing,  but you'll also gain the foundation you need to collaborate and play with others.  Become a musician for life, and find your own musical voice by scheduling a lesson today.

Group Lessons

Learn with friends and family members.  It's rare to find a musician who aspires to play alone. From the beginning of time, music has been a communal, social activity meant to be shared. Tell us your goals and we'll help you achieve them. Schedule your first lesson today.

Rates and Policy



Private Lessons (all instruments and vocals) Monthly Tuition for both 4 or 5 lesson months

Individual Lessons

30 minutes of weekly instruction 

Any Instrument - $32/lesson

Voice - $33/lesson

Music Therapy - $35/class

Group Lessons

 60 minutes of weekly instruction

2 students - $30 per student/lesson

3 students - $20 per student/lesson

4-6 students - $15 per student/lesson



Effective Jan 2020


The Malvern School of Music is committed to providing the safest environment possible for your child. Security cameras are installed in every lesson room, and activity in each lesson room is viewable on monitors in the waiting area. Criminal and Child Abuse Clearances are on file for every instructor. It is the parents’ responsibility to supervise their children when they are at the School but not in a lesson. This includes siblings who may be in the waiting area during their sibling’s lesson. It also includes times before or after the lesson when your child is in the waiting area. Teachers are NOT permitted to accompany children to the restroom.

Conduct during lessons

Teacher Conduct: Teachers are expected to always speak and interact respectfully with students. They should never speak in a manner that demeans a student. Under NO circumstance is a teacher permitted to physically reprimand a student. Teachers are expected to be engaged and attentive during the lesson.

Student Conduct: Students are expected to be able to sit during the entire lesson and receive instruction from their teachers. If a student routinely demonstrates behavior such as refusing to take instruction, being unwilling to sit at the piano / instrument and play as requested by the teacher, banging on the piano, or speaking disrespectfully to the teacher, the teacher may require a parent or guardian sit in during the lessons.

Fees and Billing

Invoices are emailed at the end of each month for the upcoming month.


Payment is due at the first lesson of the month. A 5% late fee will be charged if payment is not received by the 15th of the month. We only accept Cash or Checks. No Credit Cards. (Sorry)

Cancellation Policy (Discontinuing Lessons)

The school requires 2 weeks' notice if a student wishes to discontinue lessons. Notification must be provided in writing or email to the School Owner (Lynne Frederick) The termination date will be determined two weeks out from the date of written notification.

Absentee Policy

Students will be allotted four excused absences per year. The absences can be used for any purpose, and their use is up to the discretion of the student / parent. If a student misses a lesson, they have three options:

1. Use an excused absence, and they will receive a credit for the missed lesson in their next invoice.

2. Work with the School to make up the time for the lesson. The School will coordinate with the teachers to make a reasonable effort to make up the missed lesson by adding an extra lesson or extending the time of one or more lessons. Make-ups are not guaranteed and depend on teacher / student availability

Excused absences or Make-ups may ONLY be used if the School is given 24 hours' notice. The notice must be provided to the School Owner – Lynne

Frederick - (not the instructor) via email. The 24 hours' notice will be

determined based on the date and time of the email.

3. Skip the lesson without using an excused absence or scheduling Make-up time (this results in forfeiting the fee for the lesson). The number of remaining excused absences (Year-to-Date) is listed on your invoice.

Rationale for the Absentee Policy

Our School is committed to providing outstanding instruction and mentorship to our students. We understand that we must partner with students and parents to find ways to offer flexibility to help you manage your busy schedules. However, we must be careful to not sacrifice the quality of instruction – that is at the heart of our Mission -- as we work to be flexible. Finally, as the employer of many fine and dedicated faculty, the School has an obligation to provide an environment where their lesson income is reliable and predictable. The policy is designed to be fair and balanced for both instructors and students.

Weather-Related Closings

If a lesson is missed due to inclement weather, monthly fees will be adjusted (reduced) to reflect the missed lesson. Students are not required to conduct a make-up lesson or use an excused absence. The School will place a notice on the VOICEMAIL greeting regarding the status of a closing during inclement weather. Therefore, we urge parents to call the school to determine if the school is open. (267-674-8898)

Holiday Closings

If a lesson is missed due to a Holiday Closing, monthly fees will be adjusted (reduced) to reflect the missed lesson. Students are not required to conduct a make-up lesson or use an excused absence.

The 2020 Holiday Closings are:

• January 1st – New Years Day

• May 25th – Memorial Day

• July 3rd and 4th; Independence Day

• September 7th – Labor Day

• November 26th and 27th – Thanksgiving

• December 24th – 31st – Christmas week and New Years Eve

Substitute Teachers

The School may use substitute instructors to cover for teachers who must have missed lessons. If a substitute teacher cannot be arranged, monthly fees will be adjusted (reduced) to reflect the missed lesson.